SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Shane Rowett

The study of Physics is constructed around using models, laws, and theories to better understand matter, forces, energy, and the interaction among them. Physics seeks to explain natural phenomena, from the subatomic world to the macrocosmos. The models, laws, and theories in physics are based on evidence obtained from observations, measurements, and active experimentation over thousands of years.


In Physics, students will integrate and apply a range of understanding, inquiry and the gathering, analysing and interpreting of their own data, and scientific thinking skills that encourage and inspire them to contribute their own solutions to current and future problems and challenges. In exploring science as a human endeavor, students will develop and apply their understanding of the complex ways in which science interacts with society, and investigate the dynamic nature of physics. They explore how physicists develop new understanding and insights, and produce innovative solutions to everyday and complex problems and challenges in local, national, and global contexts.


The topics covered in Semester 1 are; Linear Motion and Forces, Electric Circuits and Heat.

In Semester 2 students will look at Energy and Momentum, Waves and, Nuclear Models and Radioactivity


  • Assessment Type 1: Investigations Folio (50%)
    • One Investigation on Science as a Human Endeavor
    • One Practical Investigation Report
  • Assessment Type 2: Skills and Application Tasks (50%)
    • One Topic Test
    • One Student Driven Investigation


In this course we study topics that are assumed knowledge for Stage 2 Physics, but it also provides an everyday living approach to electricity, magnetism, light, colour, motion and sound. This can lead to TAFE courses in electronics, and sound engineering, colour in decoration to note a few.