Enrolment Procedures

An interview with the Principal is the starting point for enrolment procedures. Book an appointment by phone on 08 8212 4342.

At the enrolment interview:

  • Career paths and subject selections will be discussed.
  • The tuition fee will be set.
  • College policy and ethos will be discussed.

Students are encouraged to enrol at least one term before commencement of studies. Subject preferences can be best accommodated if enrolments are received and confirmed early. Other educational service providers the College uses such as SASSL and TAFE require numbers in the semester preceding the commencement date.


It is important the person signing the enrolment form is aware of their financial obligations. Signing the form is accepting the terms and conditions set down by the Directors of the College.

Conditions Of Enrolment

In confirming their acceptance of a place for their student at the College, parents/guardians/students:

  • Agree to be bound by the present and future policies of the College.
  • Accept that the enrolment deposit will be retained by the School.
  • Agree to pay all fees by the due date shown on the term’s account.
  • Accept that the College takes responsibility for students only during teaching hours while they are on the College grounds.
  • Accept that students may leave the premises between classes, but at their own risk.
  • Accept that students may be required to attend organised school excursions and activities as part of a course of studies andthat they may also be required to view films and multimedia presentations where appropriate and that parental permission is granted.

The College follows the DETE school calendar as this ensures maximum class time throughout the year.

  • Stage 1 (Year 11) and adult re-entry students are encouraged to complete diagnostic assessments on their commencement day to enable teachers to provide suitable programs for them.
  • Stage 2 (Year 12) students have trial exams at the end of Terms 2 & 3. Teachers aim to complete the theory component of their courses by the end of Term 3 to enable the trial exams to cover the entire syllabus.
  • The school year finishes at the end of November for the Stage 1 students, and at the completion of final exams for Stage 2 students (usually the last week of November).