Principal’s Report

Principal’s Report, 2017

(Based on the outcome of the Academic year)

Muirden Senior College prides itself on treating all of its students as individuals and working with them to complete their SACE. Success at Muirden is determined on an individual level, and all students are encouraged to finish the year. The College’s underlying philosophy, that success is measured purely on a specific individual basis, means that we take pride in all of our students’ achievements and that we understand all students learn differently. In 2016, 100% of our year 12 graduates received their SACE with the majority receiving their first preference in University offers. Along with their teachers and the Muirden Senior College Board I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all on their success.


Leaving school is never easy and can be a very anxious time for students. Consequently at Muirden we believe that by treating students as unique individuals and allowing them to grow at their own pace we enable students to make the transition with confidence and enthusiasm. It is always pleasing when former students visit to see the pride they exhibit when talking about what is happening in their lives. It is this willingness to share their experiences and current circumstances with us that is so rewarding to teachers and all staff and it is with great pride that we watch them embrace their future(s) with confidence.


Unsolicited testimonials from both students and parents expressing their gratitude and appreciation to staff for their support, academically, as well as emotionally, are sources of inspiration for all of us. One student wrote thanking all staff, for the ‘time and effort’ they spent creating an enjoyable environment in ‘what was easily the best years I have ever had at school.’ Another thanked ‘Muirden for maintaining a positive learning environment for me and my classmates’ and another that ‘Muirden is like no other school I have ever been to and this opportunity has been the most positive in my entire life.’ A parent wrote extending her ‘sincere thanks to all’ for their, ‘kindness, professionalism and dedication to all students.’ Another wrote that once their daughter enrolled at Muirden ‘she never looked back!’ While another student wrote that Muirden was ‘the push I needed to come out of my comfort zone and shine and become who I was supposed to be!’ These expressions of gratitude inspire all teachers and staff at Muirden to continue working with students in helping them achieve their SACE whilst reinforcing the College’s philosophy that the final years of a student’s schooling should be challenging but also ‘fun’ and something to look back on with pride.


One of the keys to our students achieving is the way in which student absences due to health, and or, other, issues are dealt with. When a student has been absent for an extended period both the student’s teachers and myself will work with them to enable them to catch up on their work. This is reflective of college’s key philosophy namely that we will never give up on a student and therefore we do support all students equally enabling them to not only successfully complete their SACE but also achieved an ATAR which provides them with the opportunity to study at university.

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal