Principal’s Report

Principal’s Report, 2024

(Based on the outcome of the 2023 Academic year)

Muirden Senior College, along with the Board and staff, extends heartfelt congratulations to all 2023 graduates for their achievements. My colleagues and I wish each graduate the very best in their future endeavours. Their dedication to their studies, coupled with the tireless efforts of our staff, has resulted in impressive academic achievements across the board with 94% of students who applied for university, locally or interstate, receiving offers for their chosen fields of study. I am delighted to report that all graduating 2023 students successfully completed their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) requirements, showcasing not only their intellectual prowess, but also their resilience and adaptability.


However, success takes various forms and is not confined to high ATAR scores. The College takes pride in every student’s achievements, recognising the diversity in learning styles and individual needs. Students achieving highly deserve recognition, while those facing obstacles due to illness or personal circumstances are celebrated equally for their perseverance and SACE completion. Teachers offer academic support to ensure students can catch up or keep up with their studies. This commitment stems from the College’s philosophy of never giving up on a student, fostering equal support for all.


The landscape of education is ever evolving, paralleled by shifts in how success is evaluated by tertiary institutions. Both tertiary institutions and the SACE Board are adopting a more flexible approach to gauge student success. The 2024 implementation of Exploring Identities and Futures, the ongoing pilot program Activating Identities and Futures, and continuing the SACE Learner Profile showcase these changes. This holistic approach, assessing capabilities alongside academic achievement, provides a more comprehensive view of graduates’ accomplishments and opens up their future to alternate pathways.


Past students continue to revisit Muirden, expressing gratitude for the confidence and enthusiasm instilled in them. These alumni credit Muirden for empowering them to make decisions and be proactive in shaping their futures. Past students consistently describe Muirden as a special and inclusive place that remains their safe haven, a sentiment underscored by their appreciation for the significant impact the College has had on their lives. Muirden Senior College is recognised as a transformative force, enabling successful graduation and preparing students for the next chapters in their lives.


As we look ahead to the upcoming 2024 academic year, we remain committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and enriching learning environment for all our students. We are confident that the skills, values, and experiences gained during this upcoming year will serve as a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

Angela Facchini, Principal