Welcome to the new decade! I sincerely hope that everyone, students as well as their parents/caregivers, had a wonderful break over the holiday period.

Firstly I would like to offer congratulations to all 2019 students on their academic achievements, which were excellent, all students worked hard to achieve them. I will also take this opportunity to extend a welcome to both returning and new students and I look forward to meeting you all again in the first weeks of term.


A reminder that school commences on Tuesday January 28th, just after the Australia Day long weekend.


While the first day is primarily set aside for orientation it is still beneficial for students to bring pen and paper. As all learning spaces are air-conditioned there is no hot weather policy at the College.


If you are a Year 12 student and have ordered books through the College they will be at the College for you to collect; just ask Kate at the front desk.


Term 1 Dates: Tuesday 28th January until Thursday 9th April

Public Holidays

Adelaide Cup Day: Monday 9th March

Easter: Friday 10th April & Monday 13th April (beginning of the school holidays)


I would like extend a warm welcome to our new teachers, Heath Anthony and Peter Monteodorisio. They are both multi skilled teachers with strengths in a variety of areas consequently they will be taking on a variety of subjects. Heath will be teaching Stage 1 Psychology; English; Stage 2 Digital Photography and both Stage 1 & 2 Business and Innovation. Peter will teach Stage 1 Essential Maths; Stage 2 Accounting; Economics and English.


For more on staff profiles and background visit


Over the break there has been much going on in the College, as new learning spaces have been created providing well-being spaces and areas for students to relax in. However, these new areas are specifically designed for students to work in, reflecting contemporary learning practices and are more in keeping with the manner in which students learn, conduct research and work on their assignments. At the same time they have resulted in a completely new look for classrooms, designed to facilitate student learning. Keep up with the new innovations on our Facebook page and on Instagram where photographs of the new spaces are being documented.


All of these refurbishments, including last year’s redevelopment of the lab, along with the purchase of a 3D printer and laser cutter, have all been made possible because of State Government Grants.


This year there will be a new Science subject for Stage 1, Earth and the Environment. This subject will incorporate some of the principals of Earth Sciences as well as the Global Issue of Climate Change and the changes that have occurred in society which are directly effecting our environment. It will be a very topical subject and has been constructed expressly because of student interest. Forensic Science will continue as this proved to be very popular last year. Also in Stage 2, Scientific Studies will change and have more of a digital technology focus.

All three of these subjects are geared towards students who have an interest in the way science is used in our society or want to invest in further scientific learning.


Last year, at the bequest of Stage 2 students, we introduced Study Halls, which proved to be enormously successful and were really appreciated by students. Consequently we will be continuing with them this year. In Study Halls students are provided with a mentor who can assist them with study timetables while promoting good study habits. The Study Hall is also a place where students can work on assignments, and/or revision at the College and receive help where necessary. All Stage 2 students have been allocated a weekly time for their Study Hall and attendance is compulsory. Student attendance and constructive use of Study Hall is documented in each term’s report. All teachers are involved in facilitating these sessions which will be kept small to ensure all students reap the benefit they provide.


For more information on these subjects please visit


Stage 1 & 2 Orientation will be held during the first two lessons of term on Tuesday 28th January. All students will be directed to the large upstairs classroom.


During orientation students will be given their logons and passwords, and shown how to access our electronic system and Moodle. This is also a great opportunity for both new and ‘old’ students to meet and engage with each other, as well as providing important information for the coming year. All staff will be present so students can familiarise themselves and put faces and names together, even meeting teachers whose classes they are not taking. The College will be providing pizza & drinks for lunch and students will be dismissed at 2 o’clock.


Parent Information Night –Tuesday 4th of February 6pm- 7:30pm. All parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend.  Drinks and nibbles will be supplied.


Sausage Sizzle or Icy Pole Freeze (depending on the weather) will be held during lunch Wednesday 12th February.


Interim Reports for Year 12 students will be sent out at the end of Week 5, 28th February. These reports signify if students are on track and provide that little bit of information at the crucial half way mark of the term. A more comprehensive report will be sent at the end of the term for both Year 11s and 12s.


Please contact me or the office if you have any queries. And again welcome to the new academic year.

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal