Welcome to Term 4!


Term 4 Dates

Monday 17th of October to Friday the 25th of November (end dates will be different for some students)

Public Holidays



It is almost the end of the year for the Stage 2s and they have all worked hard at making it to the end of their schooling.


By now you should all have received an email containing the SACE exams timetable commencing in Week 4 (week beginning 7th November 2022 and finishing on 17th November). Students will also have received their official SACE slip with the times and dates of their exams. There are physical copies of the exam timetable available at reception, and it is also available on the SACE Website or on our website Muirden Senior College | One is also attached to this email.


It is imperative that students attend each of their SACE exams even if unwell. If the invigilator and / or student feels they have been disadvantaged by illness then a specific process outlined by SACE needs to be followed and a special medical appraisal must be completed by the student’s doctor.

This process can only occur after the exam. A doctor’s certificate will not be sufficient evidence to present to the SACE Board.


SACE results will be out on Monday 19th December 2022.  Students can logon to their SACE account and access their results prior to receiving the official transcript in the mail.


The Presentation Night will be held on Wednesday 23rd November 5:30pm to 10pm, at the Adelaide Pavilion situated in Veale Gardens on the corner of South Terrace and Peacock Road.

This promises to be a significant evening in which students can celebrate the end of their schooling with their peers. It should be a very relaxing evening when all have completed their studies.

STAGE 1 (YEAR 11s)

Rest assured Year 11 Students have not been forgotten even though the primary focus may appear to be on Stage 2s and helping them get to the finish line.  It is essential that all Year 11 Students finish the year with a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to move into Year 12 / Stage 2 next year.


Term 4 goes for 6 weeks with exams being held in the final week, Monday the 15th to Friday the 25th November.


The College will remain open between 8am – 5pm until Friday 2nd of December.  From Monday the 5th of December until Monday the 19th of December the College will be open, but the hours of business will not be formal.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal