Term 4 Newsletter 2018

This newsletter primarily concerns what will occur in Term 4 as we head toward the end of the academic year.


Term 3 seems to have gone by in a flash and the seasonal change has brought with it more light and warmth, which are always welcome and beneficial for both staff and students.


However, before I get on with dates and events I would like to thank Lynne Grbin for looking after The College in my absence and Ryan Lynch for teaching my subjects in Term 2. Both did outstanding jobs and it is lovely to know that The College functions so well without me.


Term 4 Dates and Trial Exams

It is almost the end of the year for the Stage 2’s and they have all worked hard at making it to the end of their schooling.

In the first week back there are trial exams from the 15th to the 18th October. Friday the 19th is a ‘free day’ but also a good time for students to come into school to revise and finish off assignments.

These trial exams are exceptionally important because now that all the course work has been covered, students are ready to sit a full examination and test their knowledge under exam conditions. Their teachers will then be able to provide them with feedback, prior to their SACE exams. I have placed a copy of the timetable for Week 1 – Term 4 at the bottom of this newsletter, it is also on our website calendar. All subjects which do not have exams will still have classes and students are required to attend them. There will be classes as normal in Weeks 2 & 3 and again attendance is obligatory.


SACE Exams

The End of year SACE exams commence on Monday 5th November and go until Friday 16th. All students should have a copy of the exam timetable and there will be physical copies available at reception. The exam timetable is also available on the SACE Website at the following address


It is imperative that students attend each of their SACE exams even if unwell. If the invigilator and / or student feels they have been disadvantaged then a specific process outlined by SACE needs to be followed and a special medical appraisal must be completed by the student’s doctor. This process can only occur after the exam. A doctor’s certificate will not be sufficient evidence to present to the SACE Board.


Stage 2 Events

Students are invited to attend some ‘Farewell Fun’ at the Ice Arena on Friday 26th October. The session begins at 2:00pm and students can either make their own way there or catch the tram from The College with staff. This is a great opportunity for students to relax and have some fun with their peers before the pressures of exams. There is no cost for this activity.


Presentation Night – Friday 2nd November 5:30 – 10pm, at the Adelaide Pavilion situated on the corner of South Terrace and Peacock Road.


While the primary focus may appear to be on Year 12’s and helping them get to the finish line, Year 11’s have not been forgotten. It is essential that they finish the year with a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to move into Year 12 next year.

Term 4 goes for 6 weeks with exams being held in the final week, the 19th to the 23rd November.

Students who have not completed all class work or their Research Project will be required to attend school the following week. It is imperative that all Year 11s do complete their Research Project this year as non-completion will only impinge on their success and subject choice as they move into Year 12 next year.


Subject Choices

All Year 11’s should have received their subject choices for next year. The Subject Expo on 27/09, was a terrific success and hopefully has gone someway to highlighting for students what the subjects are all about. Once students have made their selections they should return their forms to Kate at reception and then Lynne and I will speak to them all, individually and ensure that they have chosen wisely.

Xmas Pageant

The College will be open for the Xmas Pageant on the morning of Saturday 10th November. All family members are welcome, nibbles and drinks for kids and adults are available. So come along and have some fun.

Term Dates

Term 4 – Monday 15 October – Friday 23 November


Public Holidays


Dr Barbara Harding, Principal