Welcome to Term 2. I sincerely hope that everyone, students as well as their parents/caregivers, are well both physically and mentally.

This Newsletter will state some of the changes that have been made this term in response to CXOVID -19.  First I would like to stress that by resuming face to face classes this term we are obeying the dictates of both the Federal and State Governments, adhering to the advice issued by the SA Chief Medical Officer, by the AISSA and the SACE Board. The response to students returning to school has been overwhelmingly positive and it is great to see so many smiling faces as students resume normal classes.


Secondly I must stress that SATAC and the SACE have both stated that all students will receive their ATAR this year as normal. This means that each subject will be resulted as normal. Any changes to individual subjects will be made by subject teachers in collaboration with SACE.


Term 1 Dates: Monday 27th April until Friday 26th June

Public Holidays

Queen’s Birthday: Monday 8th June


The term will run as normal until the end of Semester 1, Friday the 26th June. This will only change if outside circumstances force the College to alter its teaching structure.

Whilst we have returned to normal classes the Tea Room will be closed, for at least the first two weeks, and there will be no fruit available on the front desk. There will also be no sausage sizzle this term.


The Year 12 camp scheduled for the 11th & 12th of May has been cancelled. I will be letting students know of an alternative fun activity when arrangements have been made.


School jumpers are now available for collection at the front office. Payment of $56 is required before they can be collected.


The Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo, at which the College was to have a stall, has also been cancelled at this time.


End of semester exams will be held in the final week of this term from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June.  They will then have a three week break and commence the second semester at the beginning of Term 3 on Monday the 20th July.

Year 11 students will be resulted by the SACE Board for all of the subjects they are currently studying and will receive their results before the start of Term 3. They can then either continue with the same subjects or choose new ones in the second semester.

They will be given an opportunity to choose subjects after consultation with myself and other teachers and there will be a Subject Expo at the beginning of June to enable them to see what subjects are on offer in Semester 2 and make wise choices. However, the form this event will take will be announced later, as in the current climate changes will have to be made to its format.

A new timetable and subject selection sheets will be made available later in this term.


The College will have a three week break at the end of this term (from 26th June to the 20th July). This will ensure that all Year 11s commence the second semester at the same time as other schools and that the College’s timetable is consistent with other SACE schools. It will also allow teachers to undergo professional development at the College during the first week of this extended break.


We trialed this last year, and feedback gathered from students and teachers at the end of the year found that the 3 week break before the start of the second semester was beneficial.


Interim Reports for Year 12 students will be sent out at the end of May. These reports indicate whether or not students are on track to pass and if there are areas in which they need to improve.  A more inclusive report will be sent at the end of the term. Year 11s will receive their report at the end of the term, end of Semester 1.


Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal