Term 2 Newsletter 2018

Well the first term went by in a flash! It is hard to believe that the holidays are already here, especially given the exceptional weather! Students are beginning to relax their way into their studies and, as always, it has been fun getting to know them all on both a personal and academic level.

Stage 1

It has been pleasing to watch this year 11 group continue to grow, navigate their way through the College and their new peer group. By now students have chosen subjects which best suit them.

There are 8 weeks until the end of Semester 1 which finishes on Friday 22nd June. Semester 2 begins on Monday 25th June.

Exams at the end of Semester 1 will be from Monday 18th – Thursday 21st. Subjects that do not have exams will have a scheduled lesson that week. As exams are all over on the Thursday students will have a long weekend to invigorate them for the beginning of the new semester on Monday 25th.

Students will be resulted by the SACE Board for the subjects they are presently studying in the first week of July. Subjects studied in the second semester are resulted in November.

Students will be given guidance by staff when they choose subjects for the second semester and a Subject Expo will be held prior to their final choices being made. More details will be available on our Facebook page closer to the date.

If you have any queries concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Stage 2

There is no semester change for Stage 2 subjects as the subjects they are now studying continue until the end of the academic year.

It is imperative that if students miss a test, or are ill for an extended period of time, they have a sick certificate as a record has to be kept for the SACE Board for any extenuating circumstances that may affect their studies.


As most of you already know I will be taking Long Service Leave in Term 2 returning at the commencement of Term 3. The College’s Deputy Principal, Dr Lynne Grbin, will be taking on the role of Principal while I am away. Ryan Lynch will be teaching my classes, Ancient Studies (Classics) and Philosophy.


In the office, Leia will be returning for the first couple of weeks of the term and then will take Maternity Leave. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Leia all the best and much joy with the arrival of her fourth child! Leia’s role as Office Administrator will be taken on by Kate Harding, who worked at the College for a short time 11 years ago.

Term 2 Reports

Year 11, end of semester reports, will be sent in the week beginning the 25th June.

Year 12 end of term reports will be sent at the end of the term on Friday 6th July.


There was no Sausage Sizzle last term as it was just too hot and as the heat continued into the last week of term there was no occasion to ‘fire up the barbie’. This will be rectified early this term by which time this long summer should be over. There was however an Icy Pole Day, early in the term which went well.  

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 – Monday 30th April to Friday 6th July


Public Holidays

Queen’s Birthday – June 11th

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal