Term 3 Newsletter 2018

Welcome back to our Principal, Barbara Harding, who returns this term from well deserved Long Service Leave. A big thank you to students, parents and staff for your support during my term of Acting Principal. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with you all.

Stage 1

Term 2 covers the completion of Semester 1 subjects and the start of Semester 2 subjects at the end of the term. Students stepped up to the opportunity to show their knowledge in Semester 1 exams which are also excellent practice for heading into Stage 2 next year. We had quite a few new students start in Semester 2 which was lovely to see and they have settled in very well to our school environment. On the first day of Semester 2 we had a quiz and morning tea at school as well as some time reflecting on what changes they would personally like to make to their study habits as the year progresses. For us as teachers it is a great way to understand how we can best support our students and helps us to work together to help them achieve their goals. We then hopped on a bus to Monarto Zoo to spend the rest of the day together in an informal setting. The quiz in the bus on the way back clearly showed that students had been paying close attention to the tour guide and it was a closely fought battle going down to a tie-breaker.


Our focus with the Stage 1 students this term is on developing their study skills and organisation to help them to transition to Year 12 next year.

Stage 2

Term 2 is always a challenging time for Year 12s as they find themselves with many deadlines for all of their subjects now that a lot of the content for those subjects has been delivered. It is when students realize the importance of planning and organisation skills, and the need to effectively juggle their school life and social life. Fortunately, many of our students are great at communicating their difficulties with us so we can work with them to develop study plans or negotiate deadlines to help them in this difficult time. In Term 3, this becomes even more critical as SACE deadlines (that are not negotiable at all) for external assessments in many subjects mean that large tasks must be completed by the end of the term. For subjects with SACE exams in November, Term 3 sees the completion of all of the content and a focus on finishing all school-based assessments so that exam revision can begin in earnest.


Last term students had trial exams for those subjects with SACE exams. This is a great opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with the layout of the exam, how to manage their time effectively during exams, and to get used to being in an exam room. We will be having another round of trial exams in the first week of Term 4 (Monday 15 October) as by then students will have learned all of the content for their subjects.


A very successful sausage sizzle was held in Term 2 with a great turnout from both Year 11s and 12s. Students also organized a couple of fundraising events – Guess the lollies in the jar, a quiz afternoon, and a pancake day. These events are student directed and designed to raise additional funds that are evenly split among Year 11s and 12s. The Year 12s put their funds towards supplies for their Presentation Dinner at the end of the year and Year 11s can decide how they use their share.

Term Dates

Term 3 – Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September


Public Holidays


Dr Lynne Grbin, Acting Principal