Term 4 Dates 16th October  – 24th November

(The above dates apply to stage 1 (year 11) students. See below for clarification)

This is a very busy term as students of both year levels complete their subjects and prepare for the next phase of their lives.


For Year 12s the stress levels will rise as their final examinations and submissions of assignments approach. Along with this they will each be coming to grips with the concept that school for them will soon be over. They have all spent at least 12 years of their lives at school and while the end brings happiness, and relief, no doubt, there is also the reality that they will now be moving on to the next stage of their lives. So amidst the stress and angst there will also be joy and a determination to make the most of the next few weeks.


At the same time Year 11s will be preparing themselves for their final year of schooling, which in itself can be a daunting prospect.


All of which should make for a very interesting term!

Year 11s (Stage 1)

Will have 5 weeks of classes in Term 4. The 6th week, Monday 20th to Friday 24th November, will be exam week. Classes that do not have exams will have a final lesson during that week.


The final date for submission for all Year 11 work is Friday 1st of December. Teachers will be available for any students who have not completed their assignments in that week (27/11 to 1/12). Final grades will be submitted to the SACE Board on Monday 4th of December.


If possible, it is essential for all year 11s to complete their Research Project this year. Doing so will not only open up more subject choices for them next year, providing them with the ability to maximise their ATAR score, but also allow them to explore more subject areas in preparation for both tertiary studies and their lives after school.

Year 12s (Stage 2)

There are different subject deadlines for all year 12 subject and students will be aware of them. Some subjects already concluded at the end of Term 3. So the following only applies to those subjects with exams, and/or late submission dates.


The absolute final date for submission of Year 12 work is Friday 27th of October (Friday of week 2). I realise that the submission dates are complicated but they are now driven by SACE deadlines and not the College’s.


For subjects with exams, classes are held until Week 3, 30/10 – 3/11. This provides students with the opportunity to revise and prepare for the exams.


The final day of term for Stage 2 students will depend on the date of their last exam. The examination timetable is attached to this website under the ‘Students’ tab. It is also available in its entirety at…/ddb4a5dc-0c02-4287-adbd-70944a6cb66c

Fun Things/Events

Art Show – The end of year Art Show will be held on Wednesday 25th of October, 5-6.30. The show includes work from both Stage 1&2, Art, Design, Digital Photography and Media Studies classes. There will drinks and nibbles. All students and parents are invited.


Year 12 Presentation Dinner – The Year 12 Presentation Dinner will be held at the Pavilion on the Park on Friday 3rd of November.


This will be the final time for all year 12s to spend time together before their examination commitments change the structure of their school days. Presentations for excellence and consistency in individual subjects will also be awarded.


This newsletter will be updated as events unfold in the coming weeks. I sincerely hope all students enjoy the next term, there certainly has been a sense of purpose and Vim and Vere in their steps recently.


If any parents wish to contact me please feel free to do so.

Dr Barbara Harding, Principal