“The freedom, flexibility and self motivation offered.”

– Courtney

“An encouraging and welcoming feeling which makes you encouraged to work. It also makes you prepare yourself for university and take the responsibility for your learning.”

– Ashlee

“The teachers are not only there to teach you but also talk when you need them.”

– Ashlee

“Muirden is encouraging I now have every intention of going to university when I didn’t beforehand.”

– Sophie

“Without Muirden Senior College I wouldn’t have worked towards my university goal and I wouldn’t have become responsible for my own work.”

– Ashlee

“Engaging discussions – freedom of opinion. And a sense of family.”

– Georgia

“A beautiful and diverse community environment that is vital for flourishing as a group.”

– Ebony

“The atmosphere, the college makes everyone feel welcomed and accepted.”

– Henry

“A lovely relaxed atmosphere that is so different from other high schools.”

– Eleanor

“Coming here I want to learn as I like learning and being at the college.”

– Ashlee

“Teachers who always have time for you.”

– Eleanor