SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Mathew D’Aloisio or Anita Kershaw

English is a compulsory subject made up of ten credits per semester for all Stage 1 students, which when completed across one year, fulfils the SACE requirement for literacy.


Students analyse the interrelationship of author, text, and audience with an emphasis on how language and stylistic features shape the ideas and perspectives in a range of text types and contexts.


Students explore how the purpose of a text is achieved through application of text conventions and stylistic choices to position the audience to respond to ideas and perspectives.


  • Assessment Type 1: Responding to texts (50%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts (20%)
  • Assessment Type 3: Intertextual Study (30%)


Students will be able to progress into Stage 2 English or Stage 2 English Literary Studies based on their level of achievement in Stage 1 English.