Film Studies

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Georgina Harper

In Stage 1 Film Studies students will examine the history of the film industry, from the first silent films to the Golden Age of Hollywood to today’s CGI-filled blockbusters. We will look at the technological innovations that paved the way for modern filmmaking, including the emergence of “talkies”, colour film and steady-cams. In addition, students will delve into the inner workings of the film  industry itself, most notably the collapse of the Hollywood studio system and the rise of independent cinema. Furthermore, students will investigate the context in which these films were made, taking into consideration geo-political issues and the social values of the time.


To achieve this, students will watch iconic films that exemplify their eras. Students will be required to analyse these films and engage in class discussions. Furthermore the five assessments will task students with applying the concepts and history covered in class in their analysis.


In Semester 2 students will explore and consider elements such as narrative structure, set design, lighting, cinematography, dialogue and more. In addition, students will have the ability to learn and practice the different components that contribute to creating a film. These include writing for the screen, filming techniques, storyboarding and sound design. Finally, students will take what they have learned about the film making process and apply it to their own creative short films.


  • Assessment Type 1: Practical (30%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Group activity (30%)
  • Assessment Type 3: Folio (40%)