SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Jacob Davison

If you have an interest in the natural world and life processes then Biology is the perfect subject for you. This course looks at Biology from many different levels ranging from the DNA level through to whole organisms and the environments they live in. You can study Biology in Semester 1, 2 or both.


Topics in Semester 1 focus on Cells and Microorganisms, and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics. This allows us to make connections between life from a cellular level (animals, plants, and microbes) and how these affect interactions between organisms and their environment.


Semester 2 focuses on Infectious Disease and Multicellular Organisms. This means that you will look at the impacts that infectious diseases have on animals and humans and then make connections to the way that large, complex organisms such as humans are able to function. You will also participate in practical sessions (some involving dissections) as well as field trips to apply some of the concepts you have learned.


  • Assessment Type 1: Investigations Folio (50%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Skills and Application Tasks (50%)


Biology can lead to further study in tertiary institutions in a very diverse range of fields. Students might choose to study a general degree such as a Bachelor of Science to gain further knowledge of a range of biological concepts. Other pathways may be in more specific areas of study such as medicine, agriculture, food processing, horticulture, medical laboratory science, physiotherapy and veterinary nursing.