Forensic Science

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Shane Rowett

Ever wonder how detectives piece together a crime scene to find the suspect?

Forensic Science is one of the most exciting subjects to study and forms a crucial part of the criminal justice system. Through a focus on practical science and inquiry skills, as well as scientific ways of observing, questioning and thinking, students will learn how to gather various pieces of evidence to come to a calculated conclusion. Students will match blood and hair samples, identify and take fingerprints, evaluate handwriting and autopsy results, go through witness testimonials and learn how to identify deception in people and use logic to put everything together.


Students provide evidence of their learning through four assessments from thefollowing areas:

Assessment Type 1: Inquiry Folio (60%)

  • Two Practical Reports
  • One Science as a Human Endeavour Investigation

Assessment Type 2: Collaborative Inquiry (40%)

  • Crime Scene Design


The course is a 10 credit point subject that does not continue to Year 12, and would be relevant to someone with an interest in Science. It does not replace any of the other Science subjects on offer in Semester 2.