Earth Sciences

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Jacob Davison

Earth Sciences is designed to give students an appreciation and understanding of the way that the Earth’s natural processes occur and how these influence society and the environment around us. The key theme for this course in Semester 2 will be ‘How do natural disasters and Earth processes influence global climate and the environment in which we live?’


You can study Earth Sciences in Semester 2 if you did not study Earth & Environment in Semester 1. Topics explored in Semester 2 include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, the science behind climate change and the many factors which influence it and how we can identify and use rocks and minerals to construct past models of the Earth.


Assessment Type 1: Group Project (40%)

Assessment Type 2: Skills and Applications Tasks (30%)

Assessment Type 3: Analysis (30%)


The topics in this course will provide interesting knowledge and background for anyone who is interested in Stage 2 Biology, Chemistry and Physics.