Earth & Environment

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Jacob Davison

The issue of climate change has dominated headlines for the past decade, yet very few of us understand the impact it has on us directly. This is where Earth and Environment comes in. In this subject, we will  consider the scientific and social impacts of climate change.

To do this, we will look at both local and international case studies from a geographical and scientific standpoint and see how we, as concerned citizens, can begin the process of educating others on the potential impacts of this real issue. Through this process we aim to enable students to develop an understanding of the impacts of climate change from a global scale all the way down to the impact on themselves personally.


Assessments will include a Group Project, analysis of data and applying our skills and knowledge to demonstrate understanding of exactly how climate change is   impacting society, and how we might be able to slow down the process.

To help expand our knowledge, we will undertake field trips to various locations, and conduct experiments, to truly demonstrate the impact of climate change on our world.


Assessment Type 1: Group Project (40%)

Assessment Type 2: Skills and Applications Tasks (30%)

Assessment Type 3: Analysis (30%)


The complex themes in this course will provide interesting knowledge and background for anyone who is interested in Stage 2 Biology, Chemistry and Society & Culture.