Digital Photography

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Lisa Coultas

Whether you are a budding photographer or already famous on Instagram, Digital Photography will help you develop your technical skills and teach you how to see the world with new eyes.


You will learn about the manual settings on a DSLR camera and how to edit your images in Adobe Photoshop. There is an opportunity to discuss historical and contemporary photographers and to learn about composition, view points and portraiture.


Tasks follow the design process to investigate, design and produce images and the major task revolves around producing a magazine cover using an original image.


  • Assessment Type 1: Skills and Applications Tasks, produce photos using different compositional techniques with evaluation, Photoshop manipulation with oral presentation (20%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Folio, design brief and evidence of the key design phases of investigating, planning and evaluating (30%)
  • Assessment Type 3: Product, Students produce a magazine cover based on their folio design brief (50%)


This subject provides a good background for Stage 2 Digital Photography and provides beneficial knowledge for Stage 2 Media Studies.