Year 12 Foundation Studies

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Heath Anthony and Ethan Murphy

Year 12 Foundation Studies is designed to introduce students to the skills required to be successful across all SACE subjects. It provides students with opportunities to examine the purpose of research and explore a range of research approaches. It allows them to develop both their investigative and inquiry skills, as well as utilise real-world experiences to build life-skills.


Students explore concepts such as planning their research, developing and analysing their data, and presenting their research findings across a broad variety of topics. They will use these skills to better understand how to prepare themselves for completing their SACE, but also for entering the job market, through researching and developing resumes, and applying for work. In addition, students will look at innovative approaches to research using the design thinking model to identify and solve real-world problems. This subject will also focus on the importance of Positive Psychology to better prepare students for success in their Stage 2 studies.


Assessment Type 1 (60%)

  • Practical Activities

Assessment Type 2 (40%)

  • Issues Inquiry


This is a new course at Muirden for 2023 and we believe it is a relevant topic for young people that will arm them with knowledge and skills to be successful at a SACE level while also better preparing students for life beyond school.