SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Alice Healy & Salomé van Rensburg

Stage 2 English involves both creativity and analysis as students will analyse the interrelationship of author, text, and audience, with an emphasis on how language and stylistic features shape ideas and perspectives. Class texts include a novel, The Rosie Project; a film, Midnight in Paris; and a selection of poetry by Australian and international poets.


Students will also produce creative texts for different purposes, including a narrative, a memoir, and an editorial, and use a range of conventions and stylistic features. Students will also write a Writer’s Statement on one or more of their own creative pieces and consider the intricacies of the writing process. Lastly, students will complete an externally assessed comparative analysis of two independently chosen texts (e.g. two novels, a novel and a film, or two films), which is supported by teacher guidance. There is no exam in this subject.


School Assessment (70%)

School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Responding to texts (30%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts (40%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Comparative Analysis – a 2000 word essay on two independently chosen texts (with teacher guidance) (30%)


English is accepted for entry to tertiary courses.