Activating Identities & Futures (Previously the Research Project)

SACE Credits: 10  (compulsory for SACE completion)

Teachers: Lisa Coultas, Georgina Harper and Ryan Lynch

Activating Identities and Futures allows students to take greater ownership over their learning as they select relevant strategies to explore, conceptualise, create, and plan to progress an area of personal interest towards a learning output. When selecting a focus area of learning, students are encouraged to explore ideas related to an area of personal interest through a process of self-directed inquiry. Students will be required to make connections with others to develop new perspectives and to seek authentic feedback which will inform decisions about relevant strategies to their learning. Students will appraise the effectiveness of strategies and feedback in supporting their development of knowledge and skills as they seek to achieve a resolution to their chosen learning area.

Student will complete Activating Identities and Futures over the course of one semester.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1 Portfolio (35%).
  • Assessment Type 2 Progress Checks (35%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3 Appraisal(30%)


Activating Identities and Futures is designed to further develop students’ self-inquiry skills by drawing on an area of personal interest. These skills are crucial in developing an enthusiasm for life-long learning.