Modern History

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Amber Clark

In Modern History we will acquire knowledge and understanding of how men, women, and children lived, acted, and died in different parts of the world since c. 1500. Using key questions, you will inquire into past world events and develop skills in historical inquiry, using comparative and depth approaches. As a class we will investigate the motivation of people who made decisions, and how these decisions affected the world community as well as societies in different parts of the world. You will find out how such decisions affected people in the past, and how they may continue to influence people. By examining the past, you will develop skills that will enable you to understand the present and contribute to decisions that will benefit people in the future.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Folio (50%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Independent Essay (20%)


External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Examination (30%)


The study of history provides the basis for a wide range of vocational pathways. Studying history leads to careers in areas such as administration, business, government, law and politics, the arts, education, entertainment, journalism, publishing and the mass media, museums and tourism.