SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Jacob Davison

Chemistry allows you to connect your understanding between the physical world around us to how it is chemically constructed, as well as how human activities influence the environment and the way that humans use the resources of the planet. There are 4 topics spread over the year, with a range of content explored.


Topic 1 has a focus on the environment and methods for chemical analysis. Students will explore how global warming and ocean acidification occur, why there is a red haze over major cities and the principles behind methods of chemical analysis used in forensics and food and drink manufacturing.

Topic 2 has a focus on chemical reactions and how conditions can be changed to achieve desired outcomes in the chemical industry. Knowledge of chemical processes is used to maximise efficiency and profit in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and a wide range of other industries.

Topic 3 explores the wonderful world of carbon! Organic chemistry is explored in the context of wine, how we create new drugs and medicines and how the proteins that make up our body are held together and synthesised.

Topic 4 has a focus on the way that humans utilise the resources of the Earth. Contexts include metal extraction and production for batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, how the water we drink is treated and produced, how do fertilisers enhance plant growth, what are polymers and how can we best recycle them.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Investigations Folio (30%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Skills and Applications Tasks (40%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Examination (30%)


This subject is a prerequisite or a recommended subject for a range of tertiary courses including university courses. Students wishing to pursue further study in Chemistry in tertiary institutions can do so in a wide range of fields. Students may choose to study a Bachelor of Science to gain further knowledge of a range of concepts, and can pursue more specific areas of study such as drug delivery and design, environmental science, materials development and food and drink manufacturing and more.