Politics, Power and People

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Alice Healy

Politics, Power and People is the study of how power is distributed and exercised at all levels of society. The subject explores ideas related to cooperation, conflict, crises and the political intricacies of a particular government. Throughout your study, you will develop an understanding of expressions of power and politics as they affect the individual, families, schools, workplaces, communities, governments, and institutions in the commercial world, law and media. Through an inquiry approach students challenge their existing understanding and move from ‘right or wrong’ thinking to appreciate political nuances that are ‘grey’.

You will have the opportunity to explore abstract ideas by putting your learning into action as you move to understand various themes related to politics, power and people at local, state, national and international levels.


In this subject, you will study the following themes: Making Meaning about Democracy – Exploring Australian Political Narratives, Mediatisation of Politics, and Politics of the minority – Making Aboriginal voices heard.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Folio (50%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Source Analysis (20%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Investigation (30%)


The subject would be a great advantage for those students wanting to study Law, Politics, or Australian History at university. It also forms a solid foundation for students to understand political parties and their policies given that they will be voting in elections in the future.