Business Innovation

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Heath Anthony

Business Innovation is a hands-on subject that will support you in designing your own business from creation of a new concept to designing your own sales pitch.


In Business Innovation, we explore three key topics:

  • Designing Business – using design thinking and assumption-based planning tools students develop an idea for a product or service and investigate its potential viability.
  • Sustaining Business – students develop an understanding that a strategic approach to sustaining a business is necessary to prevent decline. They focus on the skills, knowledge, and understanding required to sustain viable businesses.
  • Transforming Business – students use business intelligence and user-focused       processes to identify opportunities to transform existing businesses. Transformation may take the form of new products, services, processes, business models, and/or markets.


School Assessment (70%)

Assessment will comprise of three school-based components and an external assessment:

  • Business Skills (40%)
  • Business Model (30%) – will be based on business model development and evaluation.

External Assessment: Business Plan and Pitch (30%) – create a business plan and present a pitch to support and promote their business plan to an audience of potential stakeholders.


Business Innovation can lead to further study in tertiary institutions in a diverse range of fields. Students might choose to study a general degree such as a Bachelor of Business to gain further knowledge of a range of business concepts. This can lead to career pathways in business consultancy, human resources and advertising and marketing.