Business Innovation

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Heath Anthony

Business Innovation is a hands-on subject that will support you in designing your own business from creation of a new concept to designing your own sales pitch.


In Business Innovation, we explore three key topics:

  • Designing Business – using design thinking and assumption-based planning tools students develop an idea for a product or service and investigate its potential viability.
  • Sustaining Business – students develop an understanding that a strategic approach to sustaining a business is necessary to prevent decline. They focus on the skills, knowledge, and understanding required to sustain viable businesses.
  • Transforming Business – students use business intelligence and user-focused       processes to identify opportunities to transform existing businesses. Transformation may take the form of new products, services, processes, business models, and/or markets.


School Assessment (70%)

Assessment will comprise of three school-based components and an external assessment:

  • Business Skills (40%)
  • Business Model (30%) – will be based on business model development and evaluation.

External Assessment: Business Plan and Pitch (30%) – create a business plan and present a pitch to support and promote their business plan to an audience of potential stakeholders.


This course has a strong focus on developing business communication skills which will be of great advantage for further study at both TAFE and tertiary institutions. The course is also designed to be of benefit to those students who do not intend to study further at this time but instead are looking to enter the workforce.