SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Shane Rowett

Technology is for students who are interested in technical pastimes like model planes and rockets, Arduino and Raspberry Pi and software development, electronics and circuits, 3D printing and laser cutting including innovation in design, technical drawing and 3D object design. Students will also design their own science and/or engineering assignments.


Through their study of Technology, students develop and extend their inquiry skills, including in designing and undertaking investigations, and collecting and analysing primary and secondary data. They interpret and evaluate information, and synthesise and use evidence to construct and justify conclusions. Students integrate and apply a range of understanding and inquiry skills that encourage and inspire them to innovate, contributing their own solutions to current and future problems and challenges, and pursuing scientific pathways.


  • Students provide evidence of their learning through four assessments in the form of:
    • Inquiry Folio
    • Collaborative Inquiry

    Each Assessment has a minimum weighting of 20%


Stage 1 Technology will support students in future science-related Stage 2 subjects and generally in everyday life in our world shaped by science and technology.