Health and Wellbeing

SACE Credits: 10

Teacher: Heath Anthony, Ryan Lynch and Maree Maney

What does wellbeing actually mean? Why does good health and wellbeing for individuals benefit the whole of a society? How do you know if you are mentally and physically healthy? Why do different cultures have different perspectives on Health practices? This course will answer all these questions and more!


Health and Wellbeing will cover the concepts of Health Literacy, Health Determinants, Social Equity and Health Promotion for the individual as well as through global context. Students will learn that health and wellbeing is influenced by diverse social and cultural attitudes, beliefs and practices. They will learn the importance of promoting health in the community and what strategies are used to help individuals improve lifestyle decisions. There will be discussion regarding education of health and wellbeing while considering moral and ethical perspectives. Students will also learn how to better look after their own mental and physical wellbeing and be given helpful tools on how to deal with societal pressures and fears about global change and health.


Assessment Type 1 (60%)

  • Practical Activity (30%)
  • Group Activity (30%)

Assessment Type 2 (40%)

  • Issues Inquiry


This is a new course at Muirden for 2022 and we believe it is a relevant topic for young people that will arm them with knowledge that will help them throughout their lives.