Essential English

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Peter Monteodorisio

Stage 2 Essential English includes opportunities for students to analyse the intricacies of language choices and create their own texts for a range of personal, social, cultural and community contexts. Students will understand and interpret information, ideas and perspectives in texts and consider the ways texts can be responded to and created for varying purposes and audiences.


In this subject, students work with different text types, write their own creative pieces and complete a major language study that focuses on the use of verbal and non-verbal communication in a context outside the classroom. There is no exam for this subject.


  • School Assessment (70%)
    • Assessment Type 1: Responding to Texts—3 Tasks (30%)
    • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts—3 Tasks (40%)

    External Assessment (30%)

    • Assessment Type 3: Language Study—1500 Word Report (30%)



Essential English will help students with tertiary studies and writing in general. This is a very useful subject which enables students to be able to utilise the English language  in spoken and written form in everyday societal context.