English in Society

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Mathew D’Aloisio

Stage 2 Essential English includes opportunities for students to analyse language choices and create their own texts for a range of personal, social, cultural and community contexts. Students will understand and interpret information, ideas and perspectives in texts and consider the ways texts can be responded to and created for varying purposes and audiences. In this subject, students work with different text types, write their own creative pieces and complete a major language study that focuses on the use of verbal and non-verbal communication in a context outside the classroom.


Students will consider texts such as Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and a comparison of cooking shows such as My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef.  Additionally, students will write creative tasks such as a restaurant review and produce an advocacy text based on a social issue of interest. There is no exam for this subject.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Responding to texts – extended response questions and director’s commentary (30%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts – restaurant review & recount writing (40%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Language Study – 1500 word report (with teacher guidance) (30%)


English in Society is accepted for entry into tertiary courses.