Digital Technology (formerly Information Technology)

SACE Credits: 20

Teacher: Claire Kellaway

Digital Technology involves both practical and theoretical components with the focus on the software side and functioning of computer systems. We study four topics. These include 2 theory topics: Information Systems (how hardware, software and people work together to disseminate information) and Computer and Communication Systems (the concepts which underpin computer devices and how these concepts apply to networks). There are also 2 topics which have both practical and theoretical components. These are Relational Databases (using MS Access) and Application Programming (using pseudocode and Visual Basic). There are 4 folio tasks which include a case study of an actual information system and 3 theory tests, one for each of the other three topics. There are 3 skills tasks, which are practical tasks to produce working systems. There is one relational database skills task and 2 application programming skills tasks. There is also a relational database project which involves using the system development life cycle to produce and document a working prototype of a system for a client.


There is a 2 hour SACE examination on the theoretical components of all 4 topics at the end of the year.


School Assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Folio (20%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Skills and Application Tasks (30%)
  • Assessment Type 3: Project (20%)

External Assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 4: Exam (30%)


The study of Digital Technology may lead to further study in related higher education and enterprise and vocational education courses, such as Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Analysis and Design and Systems Analysis. It also is a sound basis for a range of careers in areas such as systems analysis, software engineering and interactive game development. Information technology will provide a useful foundation in other professions and fields, such as business and commerce, medicine, law, education and engineering.